Sunset arrives, outdoor Garden lights light up the way home with its romantic charm. The design of outside wall lights should be considered the external climate environment, such as wind, rain, sun or even hail. Choose the outdoor wall sconces that suits your home environment so that it can be used safely in your courtyard.

    Wall lights, as the name suggests, are wall-mounted lighting tools. In our daily life, in addition to providing general lighting, wall lamps can also be household products that enhance decorative effects. Although wall sconces are not necessary lamps for space design, they are more advanced and beautiful than decorations such as paintings and wallpapers, and are products that can create unique design connotations. Generally speaking, led wall lights are suitable for installation in the living room, corridor, bedside, dining room, bathroom mirror, etc. While outdoor wall lighting are usually used by people to hang at the entrance of the gate, or in the corridor, which can attract people's attention to the outdoor front porch lighting and increase the appearance of the home. So what kind of outdoor wall light is the best?

    Firstly, high-quality outdoor wall lights are the best.

    The success of a product is inseparable from its quality. In today society, with the development of technology and economy, people's pursuit of product quality is becoming more and more fanatical. At Appledas, you can find a large number of high quality outdoor lights for wall because we have many suppliers who aim to provide high quality products for everyone. In general, we need to check whether the corrosion resistance of the exterior wall lamp is good, and whether the light transmittance of the lampshade is suitable.Also, it’s significant to check that the brightness of the garden wall lights.

    What’s more, outdoor wall sconces with high waterproof and dust-proof performance are the best.

    Outdoor wall light fixtures are originally used outside, so it’s very important to focus the waterproof and dust-proof level. Generally specking, the higher the waterproof and dust-poof level of the outdoor sconces, the longer its service life. So, how to judge whether the waterproof and dusk-proof performance of an outdoor wall lamp is strong enough? Please follow me below to find out about the IP protection level!

    The IP (INGRESS PROTECTION) protection level system is drafted by IEC (INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION), which classifies electrical appliances according to their dust-proof and moisture-proof characteristics. The IP protection level is composed of two numbers. The first number represents the level of the electrical appliance being dust-proof and preventing the intrusion of foreign objects (the foreign objects referred to here include tools, and human fingers cannot touch the live parts of the electrical appliance. To avoid electric shock), the second number indicates the degree of airtightness of the electrical appliance against moisture and water immersion. The larger the number, the higher the protection level. (See the image below for details)

    At Appledas, the IP rating of outdoor wall lights is usually IP65 (for the specific IP rating of each product, please refer to the product description), the number 6 represents protection from foreign objects and dust, that is, complete protection against foreign objects and dust intrusion, while the number 5 means protection against immersion of water jets, which is, protection against low pressure water jets lasting at least 3 minutes. So, in terms of the waterproof of exterior wall lights, you don't need to worry about it at all.

    In addition, a moderately size of outdoor wall sconce is the best.

    Everyone's courtyard or porch is different in size, so the size of the require of outdoor wall lights is naturally different. How to choose the best outdoor wall lamp for your garden? The first factor is to consider the size of the overall space. If the space area is relatively large, we can choose thick and long outdoor wall lamps; on the contrary, if the space area is relatively small, it is best to choose thin and short outdoor wall lamps. Besides, it is suggested to choose a wall lamp with a protective cover.

    There are hundreds of outdoor wall lights in Appledas. Some are long strip wall lights, some are up and down lights, some are medieval style outdoor wall lights, some are night stand lamps, and so on. There are many choices of sizes, I believe there is always one that meets your needs.

    Last but not least, outdoor wall sconces with simple installation methods are the best.

    Connect all the wiring that the outside wall lights need if it’s wiring, preferably not tangled together. It is also necessary to consider whether the switch of the outdoor wall lamp can achieve the desired effect during installation, which best to reach for the switch by hand. Since the distance of installation can affect the effect of lighting, it’s crucial to consider the install place during installation. In the selected position, fix the lamp holder of the outdoor wall lamp first, and then install the inner core in the lamp holder. If the outdoor wall sconce you purchase is solar sensor wall light, you do not need to think about the wiring problem so that it’s more convenient to install.

    To sum up, when you are looking for a outdoor wall lamp, it’s suggested to consider not only the quality and IP rating, but also the size and installation of the outside wall lights.

    Shop at Appledas, you will find the outdoor wall light you need!

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