Our Commitment to Accessibility
Appledas strives to ensure its services are accessible to people of all abilities. Appledas is committed to providing our website is easy to use and more accessible for people with disabilities, with the firm belief that website accessibility efforts assist all users and that every person has the right to live with dignity, equality, comfort, and independence.

Steps we've Taken to Improve Accessibility
1. Site Structure -We use appropriate headings, lists, paragraphs, and other formatting features so our guests can easily navigate the site with assistive technology.

2. Text Equivalents — We're working to ensure all our images and multimedia are fully accessible through alternative text, captions, and transcripts.

3. Keyboard Access — Everything we build can be accessed using a keyboard.

Appledas continues its efforts to constantly improve the accessibility of its site and services, believing that it is our collective moral obligation to allow seamless, accessible, and unhindered use for those with disabilities.

To continually improve and remediate accessibility issues, we regularly scan with an Accessibility Scanner to identify and fix every possible accessibility barrier on our site. Despite our efforts to make all pages and content on accessible, some content may not have yet been fully adapted to the strictest accessibility standards. Please let us know if you encounter any usability issues we have not yet corrected.

Here For You
Appledas wants to empower all users by removing barriers to access. If you are experiencing difficulty with any content on or require assistance with any part of our site, please get in touch with us as detailed below, and we will be happy to assist.

Contact Us
If you wish to report an accessibility issue, have any questions, or need assistance, we are here for you! Please get in touch with Appledas Customer Support as follows:


Have more questions? Contact us.

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