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Secure Socket Layer

SSL security is employed on this site. 128 Bit SSL is the standard for e-commerce sites today. The technology encrypts, or scrambles, any sensitive information traveling over the Internet. This site employs the same protection as the most secure e-commerce sites today. Feel confident in shopping online with Shop online with confidence Incresisom ..

What's does"Secure Web Site" mean?

Web browsers can operate in "normal" and "secure" modes. You can tell which mode your browser is in by looking at the toolbar at the bottom of the browser window. You are in the usual way if you see a broken key or an open padlock. If the key is whole or the padlock is closed, you are in a "secure" way. When you browse the Internet in "normal" mode, all the information you type into your browser and all the information the Web site sends to you are visible to eavesdroppers. When your browser is in "secure" mode, it encrypts all the communication between itself and the server. Encrypted information looks like meaningless garbage to eavesdroppers, so your personal information is secure. It is important to remember that only the transaction part of an internet site needs to be fast. If you enter a place and they're still in the "normal" mode, do not assume the transactional capabilities are insecure.

What is a Digital Certificate?

A digital certificate contains the name of a company, Web site, or individual, along with a cryptographic key that can be used to encrypt information that must be sent to that individual. When your browser switches into secure mode, it asks the Web site to present its certificate. The browser decides whether or not it trusts the certificate by looking at who issued it. If the browser trusts the certificate, it will encrypt all communications with that Web site, using the cryptographic key in the certificate.

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