Are you looking for a wall light that is perfect for your home decor? Some people like simple style wall lights, so they will choose strip led wall lights; while some people like shaped or special wall light fixtures. But I think it depends, most of us will choose both if we need. A wall light fixture can not only be used for lighting, but also can be used as a wall decoration. No matter what type of wall sconce you prefer, Appledas has a wall sconce to suit your needs. Please see the wall lights fixtures introduced below to have an idea.

    First, outdoor wall lights. In addition to decorating indoors, many people also pay attention to decorating their porches or patios, so they will choose outdoor wall lights to hang on the wall. Outdoor LED wall light fixture is the most popular wall light in our store. As the name suggests, this is an ordinary strip-shaped outdoor wall lamp with a simple design, and it is also . Most people like to decorate their porch with these outdoor wall strip lights, and their slim design makes a great impression. The lighting they cast will brighten your garden, but allow you to enjoy a low-key nighttime outdoor vibe. They are powered by integrated LED lights, so they are less harmful to the environment and have a long lifespan. These long strip outdoor garden wall lights are sure to add style and vibrancy to your outdoor space.

    Second, indoor LED wall lights and wall sconces. These two categories are wall lights that decorate indoors, and are generally mainly decorative. They are numerous and varied to choose from and are sure to add a touch of glamour to your interior home decor.

    In addition, we have swing arm wall sconces. I recommend this swing wall light to you. This creative wall light is designed in a classic industrial style, and it is made of iron material, which is durable and not easy to rust. The lampshade of the industrial style wall sconce can be rotated 360°, and the direction of the arm can also be adjusted. This design allows you to design your desired wall sconce decoration.

    So, how to choose a wall lamp? Here are some tips for you.

  1. Determine where to install the wall lights

    It’s important to think that where you want to install wall sconces, it’s indoors or outdoors? It will affect the type and function of wall light sconces you choose. For outdoor walls, it is very important to install wall mount lamps with good waterproof and dust resistance because it needs to withstand the wind and sun for many years. Generally speaking, the waterproof rating of our outdoor wall lights is IP65, so you can feel free to shop our outdoor wall lighting lights. If you need to install a wall light fixture as an interior decoration, then I highly recommend that you choose a wall sconce with a strong sense of design.

  1. Make a list of the wall sconces

    This list doesn't mean you're going to make a very detailed checklist right away, all you need is a rough list, including the number of indoor and outdoor sconces, and the price range you have in mind, which can help you find equivalent wall lamps when shopping.

  1. Select the style, color and color temperature of the wall lamps

    Choosing a wall sconce that matches your home decor style will enhance the charm of your entire home. I believe that most of our home decoration styles are mostly modern nowadays, and modern led wall lights are also the most popular at the moment. But don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean we only sell modern wall sconce lighting, we also have retro, rustic modern wall light sconces to choose from. As for the color of the wall light you need to choose, my personal advice is that it's up to you. Everyone's preferences are different, and the choice of color is naturally different, so choose the color you like, or the color that matches your decoration. Third, the Kelvin scale describes the appearance of light in terms of color temperature. In general, lower numbers represent warmer, warmer white light, while higher numbers represent blue-white light. Warm white light is the warmest, providing a warm and inviting light that generally creates a sense of ambience. White light, on the other hand, is very bright light and can give your space a sense of coolness. Of course, in addition to this, 3 step dimming light and dimmable with remote control light are also popular because they have more than one color temperature to use.

  1. Consider the life of the wall sconce lighting

    Everything has its lifespan. If the wall light you are using becomes not bright enough, it is recommended to replace it with a new one as soon as possible. If it can be solved by simply replacing the bulb, that's the best. No need to buy a new wall lamp after all. But don't worry, the average lamp has a long life and doesn't need to be replaced frequently. There are various types of wall lamps in Appledas, please come and have a look. If you can't find the specific light you need, please email us your needs and we'll try our best to help you.

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