Outdoor post cap lights, also can be called outdoor deck cap lights, are a quick and easy upgrade that transforms the look and feel of your courtyard fence. It not only provide a warm glow lighting to your courtyard, but it's also a great home decor fixture.

Square Waterproof Solar Modern Outdoor Fence Post Lights

    It is precisely because of the demand for outdoor fence post cap lights that we are here to provide what you need. After our extensive investigation, we found that most of the deck cap lamps are similar in the market, with no new concept and features at all. Appledas is committed to developing and providing customers with more types of lights for their beautiful home decoration, so there are a large number of outdoor deck lighting post caps lamps launched in our store, which are not only beautiful in appearance as unique outdoor decorations, but also more attractive for your home. Why not follow me to discover some types of outdoor post lights to see whether there is one of them suitable for your beautiful garden?

1, Solar post cap lights with built-in bulbs like candles
Modern Outdoor Post Lights Solar Fence Deck Post Lights- Appledas

    This solar lighting post caps lamp has become a hot product in the past two months. Since it was released, this post cap solar light has become the first choice of customers, successfully crowding out that square outdoor fence post light that has occupied the first position for more than half a year. At first sight of this solar fence post light cap, people are usually attracted by its unique lampshade. This outdoor post cap light is made of aluminum, which is sturdy and wear-resistant. And its lampshade design is unique and the light effect is bright. The aluminum body of this outdoor post lamp is waterproof and rust-proof, with excellent heat dissipation, suitable for various outdoor environments. It is equipped with a wiring model and a solar model to choose from. Generally speaking, from my point of view, most of our customers prefer the solar model, because the solar model can be used directly without installing wires, which is convenient and fast.

2, Moon-shaped outdoor post cap lights
White Moon Shaped Outdoor Lighting Garden Wall Post Light Lamps - Appledas

    Whether it is the ancient Chinese legend "Chang'e flying to the moon", or the American astronaut Armstrong actually left the first human footprint on the moon in 1969, it all proves that human beings have an extreme desire to explore the moon since ancient times. So far, although astronauts from many countries have successfully landed on the moon, it is still a distant vision for ordinary humans landing on the moon. But if you see the moon-shaped outdoor post cap light in our store, maybe you'll change your mind. Even if we can't really go to the moon to feel her charm now, buy a moon-shaped outdoor fence post cap light can make us feel that we are one step closer to the moon.

3, Outdoor post cap lamp like a roof
European Retro Column Light LED Landscape Decorative Lighting - Appledas
Waterproof Glass Copper Vintage Outdoor Fence Post Lights - Appledas

    An idea comes out in my head of, a "small house" on the fence of a big house front, it must be interesting, right? Then the following two outdoor post cap lights will meet your needs. The first one is a European retro style deck post cap light. It has three power sources to choose from, they are AC110V, DC12V, and solar energy, to meet your different power needs. However, please note that DC12V requires a transformer to use in the United States. The second one is a Chinese-style deck lighting post cap lamp. Its appearance looks like a landscape painting with a hazy beauty. Glass lampshade provides convenience for all-round stable lighting and is an excellent choice for garden patio decoration, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere for outdoor activities.

4, Outdoor fence post cap lights with hollow design

Outdoor Solar Waterproof Mountain Landscape Decorative Lighting - Appledas
Outdoor Garden Decorative Waterproof LED Solar Landscape Lighting Post Lights - Appledas

    The biggest advantage of this hollow-out design of the outdoor solar post cap lamp is that people can clearly see the appearance of the entire lamp. Generally speaking, post cap lamps designed to be hollow have a common feature, that is, the lamps are patterned. For example, this mountain design landscape lamp can not only play a lighting effect, but also a good decoration for home garden. In addition, there is the following deck post cap light with the most minimalist style. In the middle of the lamp, there is a luminous body like a candle. If you are fond of minimalist style, then you can buy it without hesitation.

    The above is just an introduction to the four types of outdoor post cap lights in the Appledas store, of course, there are other different types. We welcome you to click here to discover more post cap solar lights in different styles and find the solar fence post light caps lamps that matches the style of your garden.

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