Flush mount ceiling light plays an indispensable role in modern home decoration. In general, flush mount ceiling lights are easier to clean than pendant lights or chandeliers because they don't allow bugs and dust to get into the fixtures. Secondly, installing flush mount lighting fixtures can greatly save space in your house and make your room visually larger.

    There is also another light that looks similar to flush mount light, which is semi-flush mount light. A flush mount light naturally sits directly on the ceiling, while a semi-flush light hangs down several inches, leaving airspace between the ceiling and the fixture. A semi-flush mount lighting fixture is suspended, leaving a small gap between the ceiling and fixture. This gap allows for an uplit effect, while providing a direct downward light. These ceiling fixtures produce a better ambient light effect than flush mount fixtures and are usually the preferred option for living spaces. They work well in casual or formal interiors and in rooms with low ceilings, providing the home with ambient light. Flush mount lights and semi-flush mount lights are great for the large rooms of your home, including your bathroom, bedrooms, dining room, kitchen and living room.

    Please take a look at the following pictures to distinguish the difference between these two lamps, and you will see at a glance.

Square Modern Style Design Flush Mount Lighting LED Ceiling Lights - Appledas

Flower Shaped Stepless Dimming LED Modern Ceiling Fan Light - Appledas

Circular Minimalist LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light - Appledas

Geometrical Linear Modern Sputnik Flush Mount Light LED Ceiling Light - Appledas

    After reading the passage above, have you already known what ceiling light I will recommend you? Yes, that’s flush mount ceiling light and semi-flush mount ceiling light. Please allow me to introduce you several high-quality ceiling lights fixtures.

1,Long strip flush mount ceiling light

    This is one of the best selling flush mount ceiling lighting fixtures in Appledas store and hundreds of home decor enthusiasts have chosen to take it home and use it to decorate their rooms. Its unique design adopts the concept of space sense of rounded rectangle, making its simple beauty more in line with the modern design style. It is made of metal and acrylic materials, and the workmanship is extremely fine. Its lacquer surface is high-end and delicate in both appearance and feel. You don't have to worry that it will be out of tune with your current home decoration because its appearance is not simple and delicate enough. It’s available in white and black. These two colors are the most classic and timeless.

Flush Mount Kitchen Light Rectangular Striplight Ceiling Lights - Appledas

2,Octagonal led ceiling light flush mount lighting

    From its appearance, you will know that this is a ceiling lamp full of childlike interest. The flush mount ceiling lighting is available in four attractive colors, yellow, blue, pink and green, which are all mood-pleasant colors. If you choose this ceiling light to decorate your room, I believe its unique sense of design and art will bring more fun to your life. By the way, it's perfect for a kid's room at home. So, grab one now for 15% off!

Octagonal Bedroom LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light for Baby Kids - Appledas

3,Overlapping square metal flush mounted ceiling lighting

    The shape design of multiple square and rectangular overlapping ceiling lamps makes the monotonous geometry have a different sense of hierarchy. The gold is in luxury retro style, while the black is in classic elegant style, no matter which one can perfectly set off your home atmosphere. There are four color temperatures: warm white light, white light, 3 step dimming, dimmable with remote control, so there’s one must be suitable for your room. What? Anyone worried that this ceiling light fixture is too big for their own room? Don’t worry! We offer it in three sizes, including 17’’W x 17’’D, 20’’W x 20’’D, 35’’W x 24’’D. When choosing the right flush mount lighting fixture, get the one that will fit well within your room. Start with this rule of thumb–in feet, add together the width and length of the room then convert this sum to inches. This would dictate the approximate width of your flush mount.

Overlapping Squares Flush Mounted Lights Geometrical LED Ceiling Light - Appledas

    And about the semi-flush mount light, I will recommend these as follows.

1, Overlapping circles modern semi flush mount led light

    This semi flush mount light adopts LED bulb light source, with high brightness, energy saving, environmental protection and eye friendliness. You can choose the color temperature of 3000-6500k at will. Your home is still full of color no matter day or night. The sense of design and layering of this semi flush ceiling lighting fixture is expressed through simple overlapping geometric figures, bringing a unique atmosphere to your home.

Overlapping Circles Modern Flush Mount Ceiling Lighting LED Light - Appledas

2, Round minimalist drum semi flush mount ceiling light

    This modern semi flush light is available in four colors: white, pink, green, and gray. This drum-like ceiling light semi flush mount light has a very simple design, with smooth lines, minimalist style, harmonious colors, never out of date, which perfectly meet your home fashion or functional need. The high light transmittance lampshade makes the light soft and eye-friendly. It’s suggested to install the semi flush mount ceiling light in your dining room, bedroom, or kids’ room. If you get it now, you can receive it in a faster way, because the estimated time of expedited delivery is 7-10 business days.

Round Minimalist Flush Mount Light Metal Bamboo LED Ceiling Light - Appledas

3, Creative strip led modern semi flush mount lighting

    This is a new product recently launched in our store. It is liked by users with its unique design style, do you think so? The semi flush mount light is made of light and sturdy iron material, which is treated with baking paint, beautiful and reliable, not easy to deform or rust, and has a delicate texture. The high light transmittance acrylic lampshade of the ceiling light semi flush mount light has a wide lighting area and can light from multiple angles in every corner. And it is sturdy and durable, not easy to change color.

Creative Strip Stepless Dimming LED White Nordic Ceiling Lights Semi Flush Mount Lighting - Appledas

    With all the ceiling lights described above, you can choose which room to install according to your decorating style. But to be honest, all of them are suitable for the bedroom, living room, study, home office, dining room, kids’ room and other places. Follow your heart, follow your style.

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